George Mercado

George has been investigating historic locations all over South Florida since 2008, and his expertise in the field allows him access to secure locations. He is father, a husband, a business owner and a traveling man, a very humble soul on a spiritual journey.

George brings to the team 16 years experience in multimedia design and productions. He is a the crew founder and considered a top level investigator. His job is to film, to edit and document the experiences of his crew at such said locations.  



J.T. is a powerful ally in our projects, and a force to be reckoned with, he is an adament researcher who focuses on documenting the truth while debunking false claims. He is a serious contender in the paranormal field and a truly exceptional individual.

J.T. brings to the team his decades of military service and law enforcement experience, as well as his knowledge in detecting the truth. He identity is kept secret due to the nature of his career and his professional responsibilities. However he is always at hand and is a key player in all cases and investigations.


Troy Dixon



Troy is father, a husband, an electronic genius and a key developer to some of our exclusive paranormal gear, He is a serious researcher and our gear specialist. Troy is one of the most important building blocks of our foundation and one of the founding fathers of our crew, 


Troy is a chief technical officer for a reputable firm, he delivers to the team his vast knowledge of electronics, frequencies, surveillance and drone research. He is a professional among his peers and a valued asset to our organization.


Troy Dixon


Robb is a well reknown international paranormal investigator featured on many hit TV shows across the world, his expertise, and professional knowledge of the field yields him as a highly credible source. He is a an amazing person who is always focused on reaching new heights in paranormal research.


Robb brings to the crew his years of paranormal knowledge, his experience on TV production and his vast insight and theories on paranormal oddities and occurances. He is a powerful inspiration to one and many and highly respected among his peers.


   Associated Crew Members from P.R.I.S.M


David P. Rodriguez



Eric Vanderlaan