Haunted Historic Investigation Portfolio

Deering Estate


Cottage House


New River Inn


King Cromartie House


Gulf Stream Hotel


Smallwood Store


Rod & Gun Club


Miami Mansion


The Complex


Desolate Inn


Nike HM-95 Military Base


Castillo Cristobal


Ritz Hotel

35770 7273

Spanish Military Hospital


Gibson Hotel


Caribelle Lighthouse


Caribelle Manor


Caribelle Musuem


Gilchrist Jail


Kenilworth Lodge


East Martello Citadel


East Martello Museum


Sunrise Children Hospital


SFL Mental Hospital


Painted Lady Inn


Peninsula Inn


Arcadia Opera House


Italian Club


Cuban Club


Don Vicente De Ybor


Tir Na Nog Pub


Stranahan House


Cassadaga Hotel


SS American Victory


Clewiston Inn


Sev Sisters: Rhenier House


Sev Sisters: Scott House


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